Introducing The Orthodontist That Comes To You

Dr. Tom Atkinson saw a dilemma: All orthodontists require parents to take 2-3 hours out of their busy day for their child to have a 20 minute braces appointment. And they repeat this every month or two. That's a huge inconvenience for families. So, he thought, "Why not partner with schools and take the appointment to them?"

Introducing the BraceMobile™!

One of the country's first ever, state-of-the-art mobile orthodontic clinics. Now your child can have orthodontic treatment done conveniently at school!

So, what's in it for you?

  • Parents no longer have to interrupt their day
  • Students are out of class way less than with any other orthodontist
  • Your child gets safely escorted to and from the BraceMobile
  • There's no extra charge for this service

Parents are directly in-touch with every appointment -- connected remotely after their child's BraceMobile visit via Dr. Tom's exclusive Video Progress Report, delivered to your email or smartphone. You can decide between top-quality care at his office near Haywood Mall, or on the BraceMobile.

That's a lot to smile about! - Find out more

"Whatever your age, or whatever your concern, a dentist's referral is not required -- just call us for a complimentary exam."

"My daughter and I visited several orthodontists offices over the past few weeks to make sure we have a clear understanding of what treatment she really needs. Dr. Tom explained everything to us so clearly. . . but most of all, for the first time - I got it - I understand what treatment she needs. I understand how its going to work and I feel like we will be in good caring hands through the course of her treatment."