Braces Done At School

Dr. Tom has partnered with schools in order to offer a unique solution to a rather inconvenient task: Taking kids to the orthodontist. So, instead of constantly coming to us for office appointments, Dr. Tom comes right to your kids at school – via the BraceMobile, one of the country’s first state-of-the-art mobile orthodontic offices.

How It Works

It’s easy!

  1. Schedule your child for a BraceMobile appointment.
  2. Your child is escorted from class to the vehicle where we perform the treatment. Average time kids are out of class is 20 minutes (not 2 hours!) And your kid doesn’t con you into buying lunch or signing them out the rest of the day.
  3. You receive a Video Progress Report from Dr. Tom, giving you an update on what he did for your child that day, what your child needs to do until the next visit, when you can look forward to that the next appointment, and what you should anticipate being done at that time.

That’s it! Your child receives state-of-the-art orthodontic care, and you don’t eat up a day of personal leave and $20 of gas to make sure it gets done.

• Parents no longer have to interrupt their day

• Students are out of class a lot less

• There’s no extra charge for this service

“I no longer feel like I have to have a medical degree in order to explain my child’s adjustment. When my husband asks how it went, I just show him Dr. Tom’s Video Progress Report. Thanks, Dr. Tom!”
– Sandy Janovic

The BraceMobile is currently serving the following schools:

Beck Middle
Blue Ridge Middle
Blue Ridge High
Charles Townes Center
E. North St. Elementary
Eastside High
Fisher Middle
Greenville Middle
Hampton Park Christian

Heritage Elementary
Langston Charter Middle
League Middle
Mauldin Elementary
Mauldin Middle
Mitchell Road Elementary
Northwest Middle
Northwood Middle
Paris Elementary
Riverside Middle

Riverside High
Sevier Middle
Shannon Forest Christian
Skyland Elementary
Southside Christian
Sterling Middle
Travelers Rest High
Woodland Elementary