In-Office Appointments

Our regular office is conveniently located off of Roper Mountain Road Extension, near the Patewood Campus of Greenville Hospital System. We provide a relaxed and happy atmosphere for patients and their families.

One point of differentiation you’ll find is that you can actually sit next to your child during their treatment and watch as Dr. Tom and his staff go about their business. If this is your first orthodontic experience, you may be surprised to learn that this is not the norm—most orthodontists keep parents or caregivers seated in the waiting room during their child’s treatment visit. Sitting with your child puts them at ease and provides you a first-hand look at what Dr. Tom and his staff are doing during his/her treatment, as well as the opportunity to ask questions along the way.

You won’t spend much time in our waiting area – that’s another real point of pride with us – but when you do, you’ll find plenty of space, comfortable seating, video games, Wi-Fi, our friendly and engaging staff, and a gourmet coffee‪ bar for your convenience.