About Your Braces


Great news! When Dr. Tom puts his braces on your teeth it doesn’t hurt at all and there are no shots either!  After we’ve placed them it will take you a few days to get used to them.

The parts of your braces…

  1. Brackets – every tiny individual brace (or bracket) attached to each tooth is a very specialized handle that we use to move your teeth where we want them to go. Dr. Tom carefully positions them on your teeth and then we shine a very special flashlight on the teeth which hardens the “glue” immediately, so you can eat (carefully) as soon as you leave.
  2. Archwires – think of the flexible wire that connects each bracket as a special spring that constantly and gently pushes on each tooth. Your first archwire is always very gentle and flexible. Later archwires give Dr. Tom more control while moving your teeth.

What you’ll notice immediately…

  • Nothing hurts when you leave our office after just getting your braces!  You’ll notice pressure on your teeth because the braces are pushing on them.  Within 4-6 hours your teeth will gradually become sore (just as your arm might gradually feel bruised if someone were to push on the same spot for several hours).
  • This soreness will be more noticeable the next day, and sometimes a bit more the following day. Then it quickly disappears.
  • Also during these first few days your lips and cheeks might become a little tired and irritated from the braces, until you become accustomed to them.
  • Your bite will also begin to feel different within a day or two, and you may notice that your teeth are a tiny bit loose, but don’t worry; all of these things mean that your teeth are beginning to straighten!

Tylenol (acetaminophen) is recommended during these first few days, and after each office visit, to help with any discomfort.  Please follow label directions.

But even Dr. Tom’s best treatment won’t work if you don’t do your best to help!

  • Have check-ups with your family dentist at least every 6 months while wearing braces.  This is extremely important because you must have your dentist clean your teeth and check for cavities and gum disease while you are wearing braces.

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