Why see an orthodontist?

A person’s teeth can have a huge impact on how they are perceived, as well as how they feel about themselves. People see an orthodontist in order to have straight, properly aligned, and aesthetically pleasing teeth. Not only do straight teeth look great, they are also easier to clean. This means better dental checkups, and less likelihood of TMJ and other jaw joint problems.

With braces, there is no “one size fits all.” Every person’s teeth are different and the orthodontist’s expertise is knowing how to properly guide each tooth and underlying bone so that the end result is perfectly aligned teeth, healthy gums, and a beautiful smile. Additionally, your bite, jaw joints and jaw muscles are an extremely complex anatomical puzzle that often requires expert, hands-on supervision. Dr. Tom will ensure that your bite fits together and functions the right way, and that everything works together in perfect harmony.

It may surprise you to find out that the American Association of Orthodontists recommends that all children should be examined by an orthodontist by age 7. Why so early? It is important to forecast any of the dozens of problems that can occur with the rapid development in a child’s jaws. This means well before age 12-13, when the last adult teeth usually come in. However, having an exam at age 7 doesn’t always mean they will need to start braces right away. It’s just a way to see how their teeth are developing in order to plan for the future.

Not just for kids

If you are an adult wanting to finally have the smile you’ve longed for, Dr. Tom can help! About 25% of our patients are adults and we provide several options from which you may choose— Invisalign, Clear Braces, Invisible Braces (behind the teeth), and our highly advanced metal SPEED braces, the tiniest metal braces made.

How We Save Time For Busy Parents

If you’ve ever had a family member go through orthodontic treatment before, then you already understand the usual frustrations with most appointments:

  • The office books your appointments for when it suits them
  • You have to alternate your appointments between morning and afternoon times
  • Parents must leave work early, take their child out of school, be kept waiting about 30 minutes prior to being seen, wait another hour while the work is being performed, then return their child to school so they can then return to work.

We have a better way.

With our “No Missing School or Work Guarantee,”  you no longer have to play this game. We’ll save you time away from work, and save your child from missing school. If you choose, we can guarantee that your orthodontic appointments won’t require you to miss school or work.