Our guarantees

Patients continually choose us for their orthodontia because we offer top notch service with a personalized touch, and thorough follow-up, in addition to the following guarantees.


We Run On Time guarantee

Your time is important and you don’t want to be kept waiting. Please know that we are highly attentive to running on schedule and constantly do everything possible to see you on time.

Retainer Replacement Guarantee

We guarantee that you will receive 3 FREE Replacement Retainers* (a $500 value) when you finish your orthodontic treatment with us. (Because everybody needs an extra retainer or two since they get lost, thrown away at lunch, forgotten, chewed by the dog . . . you get the idea.)

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Doctor Tom guarantees that you will be 100% satisfied with your orthodontic result. If, at the conclusion of your orthodontic treatment, in the unlikely event you are not completely satisfied with your result we will re-perform your orthodontic treatment at no cost to you.*