Our guarantees

Patients continually choose us for their orthodontia because we offer top notch service with a personalized touch, and thorough follow-up, in addition to the following guarantees. This is yet another example of the service which our patients find more appealing than from corporations such as Smile Direct Club, and Dentalworks.

Our “Retainer Replacement Guarantee”

How many times have you heard someone talk about having sorted through the garbage in order to find a retainer that was accidentally thrown away? Getting your orthodontist to make a new retainer made isn’t cheap, right?

We have a better way.

With our exclusive Retainer Replacement Guarantee, upon completion of your orthodontic treatment you will receive not one retainer (as with other orthodontists), but we will supply you with 4 retainers (a $500 value)!

Our “No Missing School or Work Guarantee”

If you’ve never had a family member go through orthodontic treatment before, here’s the way that practically all orthodontic offices schedule appointments all across the country:

  • The office books your appointments for when it suits them
  • It is standard that you must alternate your appointments between morning and afternoon times
  • Parents must leave work early, take their child out of school, be kept waiting about 30 minutes prior to being seen, wait another hour while the work is being performed, then return their child to school so they can then return to work.

We truly have a much more convenient way!

With our “No Missing School or Work Guarantee,” you no longer have to play this game. We’ll save you time away from work, and save your child from missing school. If you choose, we can guarantee that your orthodontic appointments won’t require you to miss school or work.