Frequently Asked Questions


Don’t I need to wait for my dentist to refer me or my child for an initial examination?
Waiting is almost always a mistake because bite problems almost always get worse the longer you wait. They almost never resolve on their own. You actually don’t need a referral from a dentist. Simply call and we will schedule an initial examination with Dr. Tom for you or your child.

Can we put off getting orthodontic treatment for our child?
We strongly recommend that you do not delay orthodontic treatment if your child needs it. Doing so usually means that your child’s bite problem simply gets worse the longer you delay treatment, often requiring teeth to be extracted or even jaw surgery later in life to completely fix their smile. For the best results and least complicated treatment, Dr. Tom strongly advises that every child should have a thorough orthodontic examination by age 7.  Dr. Tom offers this initial consultation for free, so Request An Appointment Today!

What about foods and activities my child enjoys?
The great news is that getting braces really won’t change anything. Yes, it’s important to avoid really hard crunchy foods like ice, etc. We always give a simple and easy explanation about foods the day your braces go on.

We’ll recommend a mouth guard for children that play contact sports, just for added protection, and kids that play wind instruments will be instantly transformed by their braces into the best in the band! Truthfully, they adjust very quickly and braces won’t affect their abilities at all.

Keep eating your fruits and veggies, but just cut carrots & apples, etc. into sticks and wedges. And yes, you can eat immediately after you get your braces on!

How long will I need to wear braces?
Well, the short answer is, “It depends.” Most people wear braces for 1-2 years, but Dr. Tom will tell you at your Initial Consultation exactly how long your treatment will take. After you get them off, we fit you with a special retainer that you wear to ensure that you keep your best smile.

Will I feel pain?
You will not feel any pain during your appointments to have your braces adjusted. Each time we work on your braces, you may have a little tenderness, usually for no more than 3-4 days. The special techniques Dr. Tom uses reduces discomfort to a minimum.

What should I do if I break one of my braces?
At your regular office visits, we count on no braces to be broken so we don’t typically have time to repair or replace a broken brace unless you notify us in advance. If you suspect that you’ve broken a brace, call our office to let us know so that we can arrange to fix the problem. Breaking one (or more) of your braces can easily cause your treatment time in braces to take longer, because teeth can quickly move back where they were before you began braces.